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Feeling Thankful and Grateful: Food for Thought

Today will be a short post as I hope everyone is busy this weekend spending time with loved ones and friends instead of reading blogs!

Thanksgiving always puts us in the mindset of feeling thankful and grateful. We look forward to spending time with family we don’t often see, we partake in the full day food graze, watch sporting events, or play games and finally, we gather for the big meal.

Some embrace and understand the full-on feeling of thankfulness and being together and others just go through the motions. While Thanksgiving Day is the Super Bowl of thankfulness, we should remember that the actual feeling of being thankful and grateful should last longer than one day.

Always remember:

  • An unemployed person would love the job that’s driving you mad.

  • A hungry person could find something to eat in the full pantry you can’t find anything appetizing in.

  • Someone would love to talk to their parents one last time while you are avoiding a call from yours.

  • Your old car is a blessing to someone that doesn’t have one.

  • The clothes you hate are warm and clean to someone wearing rags.

  • Any home at all is better than homelessness (with the exception of a home that contains violence or mistreatment).

The everyday act of being thankful and grateful derive the most genuine feelings and benefits these two blessings offer us. The spectacle of a deep friend turkey and a table set for 25 should be counterbalanced with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly acts of thankfulness and gratitude. Don’t reserve just one season or one day to think about and do for others.

Take the time throughout the year to:

  • Volunteer. There’s no better feeling than knowing you have made a difference in someone’s life.

  • Donate to an important charity or mission you care about. You don’t always have to be hands-on to make a difference.

  • Call a family member or friend and chat a while instead of just sending a text message. Be grateful that you have these people in your life and let them know it every now and then.

  • Do something for your community or a neighbor. We all win when we take care of each other.

  • Take stock of your blessings and start a gratitude journal. Write down what you are grateful for and look back on the journal when you are feeling a bit challenged. Adopting an “attitude of gratitude” goes a long way in changing our outlook.

We're at the starting line of the holiday season, so it’s important to keep that attitude of gratitude front and center. Days will get louder, busier, shorter, and so will our patience.

Take a deep breath, give thanks and be grateful.

Now, go hug somebody!

Take care and be well,


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