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Inner Peace Leads to Outer Beauty

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The new year is upon us, and we are being inundated with ads, reels, posts, courses, and other self-improvement avenues to explore for our betterment. If I believe what my feeds are showing me, I can lose 20 pounds, grow waist-length hair, and triple my income by February 1st. Oh, if only that were true!

I totally get it. The new year is a time to start fresh, look to make some changes and open us up to the universe to bring on that good mojo. It’s also the time to sell us on the fact that it can be found through artificial means. Not true.

Reality is, we already have what we need. It’s inside us. It’s the perspective, truth, drive, and creativity we all possess that makes us who we are and supports us in anything we want to do. We just need to tap into it. It’s not a cream or an exercise move or even a motivational podcast that knocks our socks off. Those are all well and good but peace on the inside leads to success and beauty on the outside.

My grandmother used to say, “Some of the most beautiful people are just plain ugly on the inside.” Ouch! That wasn’t nice, but I understand where she was coming from. The “ugliness” is their attitude or the way they treat people. A “Me first” perspective or untrustworthy nature. The point is you can paint a good picture on the outside but still be unhappy or unfulfilled on the inside, and that will eventually come out. Secretly wrestling with inner turmoil, disappointment, doubt, hurt or sadness can make us feel less than beautiful and that can be projected on the outside without us even knowing it.

So, what if you’re not so peaceful on the inside? Yeah, that can be an issue. When you don’t feel peaceful, you’ll find that your perspective, truth, drive, and creativity suffer a bit. It throws everything out of balance. This is a wake-up call that it’s time to do some inner work.

The inner work is:

  • Unplugging and spending time with yourself to stop comparing yourself to others, find out what is stealing your joy and what makes you happy.

  • Inner work is looking at your current life and making some decisions around whether you’re actually doing well and feeling well or if things could stand to change a bit.

  • Inner work is engaging in self-care like meditation, yoga, massage, or stretch work to activate your mind body connection.

  • Inner work is continuing to learn to grow your knowledge and expanding your world view beyond your current limitations.

  • Inner work is walking in nature and knowing there is beauty in the world all around us and that we are all connected through something greater than ourselves.

  • Inner work is eating nutritious food and supporting the body with what it needs through what nature can provide us.

  • Finally, inner work is looking outside of yourself to see if you are connecting to others and sharing your treasures and gifts.

You’ll find that by tending to your inner life, your public or exterior life reaps so many more benefits. You’ll smile more and others will notice; it will make their day and make yours in return. You’ll use your internal balance to listen to someone that needs a shoulder; it will bring them comfort and peace and yourself a sense of joy that you were able to help. You’ll pursue a path of purpose illuminated for you by the light shining from the inside. Your inner peace will radiate that outer beauty without the need for excruciating exercise, ingesting questionable products, or risking identify theft from shady websites!

When we think of beauty, we think of celebrities on glossy magazine covers, fine art, high fashion, and things that sparkle. Let’s redefine beauty as understanding, volunteerism, opening a door for a stranger, or just watching the clouds drift by on a sunny day. Most of all, let’s redefine beauty as self-exploration and self-acceptance. Only then will you truly glow.

Feeling a little frazzled and frayed? Let’s work on finding you some inner peace and balance.

Take care and be well,



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