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Coaching Services
Choose The Approach That Best Fits Your Needs

As your Health Coach, I offer unyielding support and perspective to assist in transcending challenges while nurturing a pathway for individuals and groups to meet their true potential.

Take a look at the services below and see how we can work together to achieve your personal or organizational health and wellness goals.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is health coaching different from life coaching?

Answer: Health coaching bears many similarities to life coaching focuses on the nutritional, spiritual, and emotional aspects to help you realized change and better health.

Question. How long does it take for most people to see a change in weight, stress levels, mindset, etc.?

Answer: Health coaching empowers people with the tools and processes to build self-efficacy around their well-being.  Everyone is different, and change will vary for each person. A motivated individual can notice minor changes within the first two to three weeks when working with a Health Coach. More substantial changes can take anywhere from three to six months.

Question: How is coaching different from working with a personal trainer?

Answer: The scope of practice for a health coach and a personal trainer are different. If your goals are exercise-related, we will work with you to stick to an exercise routine that is mutually agreed or provided by a personal trainer. Health Coaches do not instruct clients on specific exercises or create exercise programs. Instead, a Health Coach will help a client create goals that allow them to stick to their desired exercise routines and create better overall well-being.

Question: What certifications do Health Coaches have?

Answer: To be a certified health coach, training must be received through a reputable health and wellness institution such as the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After completing the program, coaches can apply to sit for the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) board-certification exam (after completing the prerequisites), which demonstrates their dedication to the practice as well as competency in their profession.

Question: How is coaching different from seeing a therapist?

Answer: Health Coaches are not mental health professionals, and their work shouldn’t be centered on treating mental health conditions. Health Coaches can provide information and support to alleviate some of the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression through behavior and lifestyle changes. Health coaches refer clients to mental health professionals if needed.

Question: Will there be communication between sessions?

Answer: Between coaching sessions, there will be text check ins as well as information, tips and tools shared by email as well as social media platforms to help with support. You can also reach out with questions whenever necessary.

Question: Do Health Coaches take insurance, payment plans, or HSA/FSA?

Answer: At this time, we do not take health insurance for coaching services.

Question: Can Health Coaches create meal plans?

Answer: Health Coaches who focus on nutrition in their scope of practice are going to differ from licensed nutrition professionals. Dietitians and nutritionists are certified nutrition practitioners who make nutrition recommendations based on medical histories and needs, including prescribing diets. However, they do not focus on other aspects. Health Coaches empower their clients to seek out the food and diets that work for them as individuals, and they provide support and accountability for clients making these types of changes in their lives as well as others. Health Coaches can partner with licensed nutrition professionals to provide their clients with an approach which can focus specifically on the nutritional aspects of wellness and provide detailed meal plans.

Melissa L.

"I started working with Courtney in September 2022 and have lost 20+lbs! My blood pressure is better, I have more energy and I feel better. I still have stress but now I have tools for managing it. The food changes happened slowly, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out. The sessions keep me on track, and I learn things each time we meet."

Dana W.

"My doctor had me start health coaching to stay compliant with my medications and exercise. I am 57 years old and was prediabetic. I signed up for the one-on-one coaching. Courtney and I worked together for three months. I lost 10 pounds; my blood pressure is better, and my medication was reduced. I learned that food impacts your blood sugar and the choices I was making were causing problems. I feel better and hope to come off the medications completely."

Philippa C.

"Courtney is amazing at what she does. I was able to get some great insight and advice on ways to improve my overall health in just moments of her knowing some of the issues I am facing. Highly recommended."
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