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I Coach Parents and Caregivers to Reclaim Focus, Health, Balance,

and Satisfaction in Their Lives

Is your life in balance?

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If You're Here, You're Already there...

An overwhelmed, uninspired parent or caregiver looking for relief. Whether it’s the kids, your job, or the relationship, it all feels like too much.


Life is complex. Work can be complex. Add in parenting and caregiving and it becomes downright complicated! In an effort to be good people, great workers and raise awesome humans, we can often lose one critical element in this pursuit: Ourselves.

If that’s you, I’m so happy you found me. There's joy beyond parent and caregiver burnout.

If you find yourself needing to reconnect with who you used to be, feeling stuck or unhealthy in who you currently are, or overwhelmed with responsibilities in your various life roles, let's talk.

Can you afford to put your health, your dreams, the uniqueness that is you aside another day?


Make the commitment to yourself, your health, and your future! I’m thrilled to be your guide to your next, healthy, fulfilling chapter!

Benefits of the Better4U, Better4All Parent Health Coaching Program Provide You With...

  • Better emotional agility and the ability to more effectively deal with parenting or caregiver stressors

  • Strategies to respond more positivity to professional or personal challenges that are negatively impacting your health

  • Motivational support for your personal interests and endeavors

  • A “safe space” to share challenges and seek unbiased support for your next steps

  • Information and education to support changes in your nutrition to support improvement to your health

  • Selfcare activities and strategies that provide you with time to rest and reflect on your own needs


​Working with a Parent Support Health Coach will allow you to examine your needs from an integrative approach and target the areas that will benefit you in achieving overall change in your life.​

Need a little background on the basics and application of an integrative approach to wellness? Click Here!

Take the Next Steps and Find Out if Your Time Is Now!

Hello there! I'm Courtney.

I understand the weight and frustration of dealing with life's stressors, feeling like you could be living a fuller life, or that your body deserves better, but not knowing where to turn.


My goal is simple: provide wellness education, tools, and support to parents and caregivers who need to reduce and improve stress responses, feel fulfilled, and capable of managing life’s challenges while living a healthy, balanced life, achieving your goals, and nurturing a productive relationship with your loved ones.


I’m a Certified Parent Health and Support Coach, and owner of Committed Change Health & Wellness LLC, Speaker, Blogger, and "Boy Mom."


I help parents and caregivers identify, focus, and act upon intentions to reclaim their health and personal balance, to achieve health and wellness goals through personal transformation using integrative lifestyle changes.

How do I know how to do this? I've lived it, shown others how to do it, and I can help you too!


​Together we can identify strategies and solutions that address obstacles to living the life you deserve.

Check out my podcast interview with Maureen Edwards of 8 Simple Steps to learn a bit more about my journey and approach to wellness.

Courtney Capece Life and Health Coach

From Committed Change to Coaching

Health coaches are their own first client. Let me help you experience change in your life!

Sam R.

"Working with Courtney has been a wonderful experience. The Circle of Life tool and exercise showed me clearly where I needed to make some changes. The suggestions and support have been awesome. Now that I’m working toward the areas in my life that need attention, things are more focused and positive."

Sandy B. 

"I worked with Courtney for 6 months and she got me on the right track. I feel healthier now at 46 than in my 20's. My energy is up and inflammation is down. I feel so much healthier overall. I highly recommend her if you are on the fence you won't be sorry taking the leap."

Christi J.

"I thought I needed to lose weight, so I looked into coaching after other methods weren’t working. I have lost weight, but I learned through the sessions that I actually needed help with decisions and issues I was trying to manage on my own that were impacting my health; personal and professional. Working with Committed Change Health helped me make some adjustments. I feel better and make better decisions about food and exercise now which is helping other areas of my life as well."

Improving Lives Through An Integrative Approach

Committed Change Health & Wellness LLC is a progressive, Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching company supporting parents and caregivers in transitioning from overwhelmed and overweight, to balanced, confident, and focused through the application of "whole person" nutritional, spiritual, and physical interventions. We also work with groups and organizations to achieve a culture of health and wellness to support collaboration, achievement, and success!  

MY MISSION: To help others identify, focus, and act upon intentions to achieve their health, wellness, and life goals through nutritional education and knowledge, mindful movement and mindset change to adopt sustainable lifestyle changes.

It's Time to Feel Better!  Let's Get Started!

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Courtney Capece Life and Health Coach Annapolis Maryland
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