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Workshops and Presentations

Striving for a healthier workforce, spiritual or academic community? Want to help your people manage stress and move more but you're uncomfortable bringing in a nutritionist or yoga teacher?


Presentations are based on real-world data and proven strategies that improve overall wellbeing that leads to productivity, retention, personal satisfaction, and achievement.​

Sessions Based on In-Person or Virtual Platform – $35.00 to $75.00 Per Attendee


  • Presentation Slides and Printed Materials for Participants

  • Interactive Group Activities

  • Complimentary 50-Minute Health Coaching Session for Interested Participants



  • Helps Build a Foundation of a Health and Wellness Culture

  • Unites Leadership and Organizational Resources in a Shared Mission

  • Group Accountability and Collaboration

  • Immediate Feedback, Support, and Actionable Take-a-Ways

Laughing During a Meeting

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