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Personal Health Coaching Options & Pricing

Begin your transformation to better health and relationships today through 1:1 Coaching!

Our dynamic coaching sessions include detailed check-ins to address immediate issues and needs, grounding stress management and relaxation techniques, personal success, and goal setting, along with nutrition and exercise support.

Balance your health and change your life!

QuickStart Plan – $697.00


Your Results Will Include:

  • Ability to Identify Your Triggers and Take Action to Reduce Stress

  • Improved Mindset and Outlook

  • Change Through Motivational Support and Accountability


See plan details here

Home cooking is essential to health.


Advanced Plan – $1,397.00


Your Results Will Include:

  • Improved Relationships!

  • Reduced Stress and Guilt!

  • Increased Energy and Outlook!

  • Better Mood Balancing!

  • Change Through Motivational Support and Accountability!

  • Improved Nutritional and Physical Health!


See plan details here

Personal coaching session.

Better4U, Better4All Signature Program – $1,997.00


Your Results Will Include:

  • Transformed Relationships!

  • Stress and Guilt Abatement!

  • Increased Energy and Outlook!

  • Emotional Agility and Resilience!

  • Mood Enhancement!

  • Positive Personal Change!

  • Clarity of Purpose!

  • Greater Sense of Satisfaction!

  • Commitment to Personal Selfcare and Achievement!

  • Increased Confidence!

  • Mastery of Planning and Prioritization Skills!

  • Improved Nutritional and Physical Health!


See plan details here

Health coaching session.

On-Demand Sessions – $110.00/hour


Your Results Will Include:

  • Transformation Support on Your Schedule!


See plan details here

Video Consultation

Philippa C.

"Courtney is amazing at what she does. I was able to get some great insight and advice on ways to improve my overall health in just moments of her knowing some of the issues I am facing. Highly recommended."

Morgan J.

"Health coaching works better for me because it's not all about losing weight. Learning to manage my stress has made it easier to manage my day and deal with my kids which is very important to me. We all eat better know, do things together, and feel better. Working with someone with that knows what I deal with helps a lot."

Matt K.

"I had slowed down quite a bit, gained weight, and my doctor was talking about blood pressure medications. Working with Courtney I was able to get my weight and BP down. Still medication free so far."

Do One of These Options Work for You?
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Upon signing up, you will receive a Health and Wellness Assessment along with a Health History to complete prior to your first coaching session. These forms are required to prepare your individualized health and wellness plan.

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