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Beat Parent Burnout! Free 30-Minute Webinar!

Courtney Capece, Parent Health & Support Coach presented an informative session to highlight the signs of parent-caregiver burnout, explain the long-term impact of parental stress, and provide effective strategies and interventions that work through parent health and support coaching.

Did You Miss the Parent Self-care Webinar!

Watch Now!

Being balanced as a parent requires more than participating in relaxing activities. Watch the presentation to learn the keys to impactful self-care for parents and caregivers that have huge benefits for overall "whole-person" health.

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Find Find Out Why I'm an Entrepreneur!

Maureen Gaige-Edwards of 8 Simple Steps invited me as a guest on her podcast to discuss why I am an entrepreneur.

Maureen teaches businesses the valuable tools needed for effective marketing to drive conversion.

Many of you have heard my story of transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, listen in to find out what I’ve learned and how it’s going!

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Join me as I talk with Philippa Channer of Channer Consulting on the "Moco Business Buzz" Podcast!

This Marketing 101 for Small Business Podcast is presented by the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce and features small business owners and their journey as an entrepreneur. 

Join me as I talk about my role as an integrative nutrition health and wellness coach, offering coaching for individuals, businesses, and community events as well as my approach to working with families to incorporate healthier foods into their daily lives. It’s all about instilling healthy habits in children from a young age.

Moco Business YouTube Podcast Page
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Listen to My Guest Spot on the Podcast "Wellness Rising"

Wellness Rising is a podcast that invites you to explore health and wellness beyond a cancer diagnosis.  It’s a project of Wellness House of Annapolis, providing strength and support for those touched by cancer with health experts who promise to inform, educate and inspire you on your personal wellness journey.

Wellness Rising Ep. 29: Nutrition Coach Courtney Capece

Listen to the Finartech Podcast Interview Here!

What is Finartech? It’s where Finance Art and Tech Converge.


Hosts Yolanda Rush and Sarad Davenport spoke with Courtney Capece about her journey to entrepreneurship in establishing the health and wellness coaching company, Committed Change Health & Wellness.


Topics included the evolution from the corporate world, what it takes to start a business, an overview of integrative nutrition theory, and the important role health and wellness plays in our lives.


Enjoy the information provided and commit to making meaningful changes in your life and health!


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The Path to Optimal Parent Health

From Overwhelmed to Balanced Wellbeing

for Parents and Caregivers

By Courtney Capece

Integrative Nutrition Parent Health Coach

Owner, Committed Change Health & Wellness

Path to health and wellness

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