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Parenting and Caregiving: The Beauty of Taking a Break

If you subscribe to my newsletter, or read my Saturday June 1st post, you know that Committed Change Health and Wellness is taking a break in June.


School will be out soon, the days are becoming sunnier and longer, and it’s time for some family activities (and yardwork). Above all else, when it’s time to take a break, it’s just time.


As a health and wellness coach, it's important to model the guidance and actions I encourage in my clients. I can't think of a better way than to focus on self-care, connection with family, and the beauty around me. 


With this in mind, and to be mindful, I'll be posting less this month and pausing my newsletter and blog until after July 4th. During this time, I will be taking lots of pictures and intend to share a few of our (local) adventures along the way on social platforms when time allows, but the goal will be to pause.

And that got me thinking about the beauty of taking a break. Not everyone gets to take a break, and it’s not lost on me that I have the ability to take this one.

Yes, I’ll be working, but I can choose to work less…and not everyone else can.

The thought of taking a break terrified me at first! I’ve lived those times when I was unable to take a break. He memories of feeling like I was slacking off, falling behind, or just plain being lazy.

In the end, I didn’t get angry about it. I accepted the reality of the situation and decided that it would not always be that way. Someday, I could take time off without feeling that pressure.

It took a few years to get to that point but along the way, the breaks I could take, small as they were, were beautiful, and I appreciated them no matter how I could get them.

As parents and caregivers, we often deny ourselves even the smallest breaks, thinking instead that we must keep moving forward. But at some point, we realize we’re not moving due to exhaustion, anger, or disappointment. And so, what was the point?

If you can, take the trip, watch the Netflix show, read the book, take the walk, stare at the wall, but take the break, large or small. There’s no point in denying ourselves the rest we undoubtedly have worked so hard for.

My hope is to return with more healthy information and inspiration to keep you going for the rest of the summer! You can also take this time to catch up on past blogs!


Until then...


Take care and be well,


Computer function key with rest on the button
Never underestimate the beauty and simplicity of rest to support parenting and caregiving.


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