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It’s Father’s Day – Remember, Dad's Need Selfcare Too!

It’s Father’s Day! Let’s show the dad’s out there some love! ❤️ Don't buy more sports equipment, a new tie, or a big steak dinner, I’m talking about letting dad know that we see he does a lot, without a lot of fanfare, and we appreciate it. We also should acknowledge that while dads often feel like they have to be the “rock” of the family, dad’s need selfcare too!

As the daughter of a single mother, Father’s Day was focused on my grandfather. I can’t think of a better example of fatherhood (or grandfather hood), and I have written about him in past posts.

My grandfather took care of everything. He even did the cooking! He did so much and did it so very well that it never occurred to me that men would need selfcare or ever even indulge in it. You know, get on with it, stiff upper lip, and all that. But I’m sure there were times when he just wanted to chill out. He was “old school,” so the options were likely limited to going to a ball game, hanging out with buddies, or playing golf, if he did anything at all.

It’s 2023 people and selfcare for men is now a “thing!” Target has a whole aisle dedicated to “men’s care” now and everything.

Beyond the obvious fun of new activities for men, selfcare addresses a very important need for men to be proactive about their health, manage their stress, and think about their long-term wellness. Men have historically been stoic about their own personal mental, emotional, and nutritional needs and the shift in brining focus to these areas is very much overdue.

We can help with this shift by encouraging men to visit their doctor, to speak with someone when they feel overwhelmed and stressed, by supporting changes in their nutritional approach and, providing time for them to be active and social. This is the ultimate gift of selfcare.

So, when we think about what to get or do for dad this year, be creative. You could go with the traditional sports tickets, shirt, or car wash, but try to get dad to step out of the box with a few unique selfcare activities that work for Father’s Day and beyond.

  • Salt Room Session – Relaxing and detoxifying, excellent for respiratory health. My favorite, Salt on Main right here in historic Laurel, MD. Look for a salt room in your area. Your dad can say he sat in a room made of salt on Father's Day! His competitive friends won't be able to top that one!

  • Epsom Salt Float Spa – Does dad have a few aches and pains? Check out this out-of-the-box activity where you float weightlessly in water with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt added. It’s quiet, relaxing, and good for inflammation. My favorites in Maryland are Paradise Float Spa and Red Lotus. Truly a memorable experience.

  • Assisted Stretching – Help dad work out the kinks and stay limber. Stretch Zone has many locations around the nation. If you'd like a more private experience, you can try a smaller, more personalized vendor like DMV Stretch located in the Crofton, MD area. Tell dad it’s “manly” yoga! 🤣

  • Mani-Pedi, Massage or Deluxe Shave – There’s nothing quite like a spa day for dad. Yup, I said it. Send him to the spa. I have a life-long friend that is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weights 220 pounds. He never misses his manicure and pedicure. He says it was strange at first but now can’t live without the relaxation and personal time it provides, as well as great looking and feeling hands and feet! Make it a full day by throwing in a massage and deluxe shave with warm towels and shaving cream. Our Robert Andrew Spa located in Gambrills. MD is running a Father’s Day promotion!

Once dad starts carving out a little time for himself and doing what makes him happy, it may be hard for him to stop! No worries though, selfcare is a good habit to give in to!

Let’s hear it for the dads!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, stepfathers, father-figures, like-a-fathers, and “mom (dads).” What would we do without you too?

Does dad need help learning to indulge in a little selfcare? Book him a complimentary consultation call with me and we’ll get him off the couch!

What are you doing for your father or the father-figure in your life today? Whatever it is, make it one he'll never forget and always thank you for.

Leave a comment, share this post, and have a wonderful, healthy week!

Take care and be well,


Daughter putting makeup on her father.
It's dad's turn to be pampered! Give him a day as special as he is.

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