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Treat Your Body Better Than Your Car!

There’s nothing quite like a handsome guy working on a car. But I digress!

This post is about your health. Yes, there’s a picture of a car, but that’s the point.

You see the way the guy is lovingly looking at the car? Gently wiping it with a cloth, showing it his full attention. That’s the way you should feel about your body! That’s the point. Treat your body better than your car!

It’s a bit of a stretch but I certainly got your attention!

Of course, an experience from my own life was the reason this thought occurred to me. On Tuesday, I was sitting in a parking lot, just outside of Newk’s restaurant in Gambrills, MD when a really nice car pulled up. I mean a REALLY nice car. I’m a car person (which my son loves), so I knew it was a Dodge Charger Scat Pack. He would be so proud of me.

As I sat there admiring the car, a man stepped out and walked around to let his female passenger out. This would not be a notable event with the exception that both passengers were pretty overweight, and likely only in their 20’s. While the female passenger gathered her things, the male driver walked around the car, examined various areas, kneeled to wipe something of the rim… This went on and on until the female passenger was ready, and they walked off toward their destination.

What struck me was how much weight this guy was carrying, particularly around his waist which is a key indicator of fat around the internal organs and high risk of cardiovascular disease. It was quite a process to get down to that tire to address the rim and return to a standing position. When they walked off, I could see that he had exerted himself. By just kneeling down!

I looked at the car again, looked at this couple walking away slowly, and looked at the car once more. That car was immaculate, but the driver could use a lot of work. Then it hit me. I’ve seen this all my life, people that treat their cars better than they treat their body! They wash them, wax them, vacuum them, park diagonally so no one dings their doors (I hate that).

A lot of time and effort go into keeping that car almost showroom ready. Then, the driver emerges and hasn’t eaten a vegetable in 10 years or moved their body in 5 years!

I’m no fat-shammer. I’ve been overweight a lot in my life. But what struck me most was that these folks didn’t look that old. There’s time for them to make as much of a commitment to their physical health as that guy was making to that car. And I get it, it’s tough. There’s a whole lot going on in our lives and eating vegetables and walking 30 minutes a day may not be a priority for some. It should be and I’ll outline why.

You Only Get One Body

Unless you know something I don’t, we only get one body. You’re born with it, and you’ll die with it. Dr. Mark Hyman, a leading functional medicine doctor, often says his goal is to die young at a very old age. This means you have to take good care of the one body you have. It requires good habits and good nutrition.

Food is Fuel

The better the model of car, the higher the quality of fuel you should put into it. For humans, this is food. Non-processed, preferably organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed, grass-finished meats, water, low sugar, and low flour. This will keep your engine purring.

Occasionally, we throw in some medium to low quality gas (sweets, ice cream, pasta), and that’s okay. Gas prices get high, and you have to watch the budget sometimes and/or have a little fun! But remember, too much of the low-quality fuel leads to poor performance.

Speaking of Poor Performance

We all want to fire on all cylinders but when we sputter, stall, get squeaks and rust spots, it’s clear what we’re putting into our machine is not the best. If you find yourself, moody, sluggish, dealing with digestive issues, it’s a clear sign you need to address your vehicle, mind, body, and spirit.

Beware the Check Engine Light

Poor performance is one thing but there were signs along the way. It’s very important to listen to our bodies and look out for the “Check Engine Light” before poor performance even sets in. That headache you got? Check engine light. The stomach upset you keep getting? Check engine light. Pants a little too tight lately? Flashing check engine light!

Routine Maintenance is Essential

I know, I know, we all hate going to the dealership! It’s hours of your life that you’ll never get back. If you wanna keep your car performing well, take it to the shop or the dealership.

Going to the doctor is like taking your car in for tune-ups or service. Yes, inconvenient but necessary. Running tests and diagnostics will let you know just where you are with your health. This arms you with information to guide you towards opportunities to do everything you can from eating healthy, nutritious food, building strong habits, and making good choices to getting more sleep, and engaging in selfcare. Think of your doctor as a mechanic and you as the apprentice. You’ll do great work together!

Also, take a multivitamin every day. Kind of a pain and the equivalent of getting the "undercoat sealant" for your car, but it pays off in the long run.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of bodies. All deserve love and respect, but most of all, they deserve the best opportunity for health that we can offer them. Some folks naturally carry weight but are perfectly healthy and happy. Conversely, there are those that are thin, happy, and healthy as well. Who am I to judge? All I ask is that you don’t void your warranty by not doing the bare minimum to keep you on the road and be a good role model for all the "Rookie Drivers" out there.

Based on personal experience, I know that having a body that operates and feels good leads to many other opportunities in life. But you can’t get there in a broken-down vehicle!

Did you learn to honor your body and make it a priority through good health? What were the key lessons you learned to put your body first?

Leave a comment, like or share this post, and have a wonderful week!

Take care and be well,


Man working on sports car.
Keep moving by taking care of your body better than your car.


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