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Detours and U-turns: Why they are Important, and Why It's Okay to Start Over!

There are best laid plans, good intentions, and aspirations about our life's purpose and still, we wind up off track!

On the road of life, detours and U-turns are inevitable. The most important thing to remember is there are lessons to be learned, and blessings to be gained from them.

When life detours you there's normally a reason. Obligations, shiny distractions, and the promise of cool adventures. Detours are frustrating and often confusing, diverting you from something you thought you wanted or needed, and you wonder how you let it happen.

U-turns on the other hand give you a chance to start over or make a change. It’s that moment when you slam on the brakes, scratch your head and say to yourself, “This is fun, but this ain’t where I was headed.”

Here's the story of detours and U-turns, why there are important, and why it's okay to start over if you have too.

As people, we’re easily detoured. As parents, it's even more tricky because our time, our schedules, our emotions, and sometimes our bodies are usually at the mercy of life and others. I’m sure you’ve gotten off track once or twice. It’s so easy to do when everything is moving so quickly. Did you make plans, have a goal, have a focus for you and your life, but you let other things get in the way? I did.

First, with my own personal health and wellness years ago and most recently with my health and wellness coaching focus.

When I began my health coaching journey, I wanted to help the world! When I established my health coaching practice, I felt I had the power to do it. But I narrowed my focus and that was the right thing to do.

My initial focus was to support the health and emotional well-being of parents. As a parent that had experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with my parenting journey and few if any resources to turn to, I made it my mission to be the resource for those seeking support and direction in getting back to their own personal health and improving their ability to be an effective parent as well.

I went for it. I got clients. And then I got cocky.

Success with clients proved to me that the holistic approach works, and that's when I detoured. Instead of keeping my focus, I expanded to include all comers.

Now, don't get me wrong holistic health works. Whether you are 1 to 100, male or female, addressing your emotional, nutritional, physical, and emotional needs is the most important component to returning to full health and personal focus.

But it was clear that I got distracted from my mission: parents.

I gained a few more clients, parents, and non-parents alike, and I learned so much from them. However, the call to help moms, dads, and other caregivers out there in the trenches was the reason I started.

Maybe it was too many parenting reels and memes, but I realized it was time to hit the brakes and check the map. My inner compass was speaking to me, and it was time to listen.

Get back to doing the work you were called to do.

So, I’m making a U-turn.

You may have noticed a few more references to parents in the last few posts, and this is where my focus will remain. Traveling back down the road to take the exit I was intended to follow brings me such a sense of purpose and satisfaction.

You really cannot be all things to all people. As a health coach I should know this better than most people. A coach is always learning and that’s the way it should be.

How lucky are we to have the opportunity to U-turn? Second chances don't come along too often and that's a blessing.

So, what am I going to do with this U-turn, this restart? You will find more parent focused content, tools, tips, knowledge, and learnings from my experience as a health coach and mother along with information from trusted sources to make balancing your journey as a parent easier and making your continued wellness and growth a priority.

Some might say, “Aren't you a little embarrassed to publicly acknowledge that you need to make a change.” Absolutely not!

Part of accepting ourselves, finding peace, and balance is the understanding that none of us are perfect. We must accept that we need to make changes along the way and it's okay to do so. You are continuing to learn about yourself while trying to mentor, mold, and support those in your care. That can be daunting. Life is a series of stops and starts to get you in the direction you need to go.

Detours, U-turns, it's all leading you down the path you were intended to walk.

Together we will build a supportive network of parents and caregivers focused on being the best we can for ourselves to be the best we can for those we love and care for.

This blog is titled Better4U, Better4All for a reason. My road has not been smooth and there is still cracked payment up ahead to deal with. But I'm grateful for the journey and for the detour that brought me back to my purpose.

Are you a mom, dad, or caregiver that needs support to be the best version of you again?

Embrace the lesson of the detours to receive the blessing of the U-turn.

Take care and be well,


A busy highway with many exits and options.
Never fear the detours and U-turns in life. Many have been put there to lead you back to where you need to be.


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