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Hold the Resolutions Please

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

So, 2022 is over and here comes 2023. I hope that last year was a time of positive change for you and the year to come will be even better. If it wasn’t that great a year, there’s always room for improvement and starting the year with a positive outlook and mindful intention will go a long way in welcoming that change. So, ditch the resolutions and go with the flow.

This is the time of year where people make grand proclamations to either start doing something or stop doing something. Get that new job, lose twenty pounds, go back to school, or take up a new hobby. These are all great things and very worthwhile. I have a few things on my list as well but I’m not making them “all or nothing” propositions, starting day 1 or setting time limits. Nope, I’m just putting them on the list and whatever will be will be.

You see, what turns out to be the most important items on my list, are the ones that naturally capture and hold my attention. They are the ones guided by curiosity and propelled by the energy of a beginner’s mind.

Reality is, you can lay out 25 things to do but you can’t do them all. Here is where mindfulness comes into play. What matters to you, what resonates within you will rise to the top. Tap into your curiosity and examine that list. You can even go back to last year’s list if you have unfinished business there. Which one of those interesting things is calling your name the loudest. That’s where you should go and be purposeful in your pursuit of them.

Be picky and little selfish as well. Do something just for you. There’s nothing wrong with going after something this year that’s focused on you. Don’t think about how people will react or if they don’t understand it. Don’t try to anticipate what the financial rewards will be if it’s a revenue-generating idea. Don’t be embarrassed to pursue it because it seems out of character for you. If it’s not dangerous or illegal, it interests you and brings you joy, go for it. At least two of the items on my list this year fit into these categories, and they fill me with so much anticipation most days that I think I’ll pop! More to come on those later in 2023!

Oh, yeah. Now, don’t forget about the other things on the list that didn’t take center stage. They made it on the list, so they spoke to you at some point. Just put them away for a while until they speak to you as persistently as the others did or switch them out if another spirit moves you. As you move into and through the items at the forefront of your consciousness, space to pursue them may open up or they may actually be a natural companion to what you are currently doing. Again, it’s all about flow.

Along with staying in flow, don’t start this new year from scratch either if you don’t have too. Build on lessons learned and momentum started last year. If there where projects and ideas you were exploring or working on, you can carry them into the new year. Recommit yourself to them or think of them in new ways. Some of the things that bring us the most joy flow from year to year. Like an online business, volunteer work, hobbies, and sports. Brainstorm new ways to grow your online business and customer base, expand your volunteer role and donate a few more hours each week. Kick your hobby up a notch by looking to get others involved or selling your finished products. If you love a sport, commit to play more, join another league or coach.

The most important thing to remember is, whatever you decide to do with your new year, make sure to approach it with a sense of wonder combined with grace and compassion for yourself. There’s no need to assign artificial deadlines and milestones to whatever you decide. If a target date motivates you, that fine. However, if the date comes and goes, it’s no big deal. What matters most is that you have something that is uniquely yours to craft, mold and focus your attention to which will in turn bring you a sense of purpose and satisfaction; whenever it’s complete.

Resolve to support and encourage you this year!

Wishing everyone a New Year full of new adventures and continued personal growth!

Take care and be well,



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