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I Took a Bath! Here's Why That is Important.

After a busy week and busier start to the weekend, on Saturday night, I contemplated knocking out some laundry. As I passed the bathroom door, I looked at the bathtub, turned off the light, and started to leave. Then, I stopped.

I turned around, turned the light back on and looked at the bathtub again, and said out loud, “I’m getting in.” There it was folks. I took a bath and here’s why that’s important.

That tub was the centerpiece of the bathroom. I fought for that tub when we were remodeling the bathroom and I won. I imagined many great evenings with bubbles, music, dim lights, and maybe a glass of wine on many occasions. And that’s why it stings so much when my son says, “Why did we even get that bathtub. You never get in it.”

Damned if he’s not right.

What would it take for me to just fill the tub and get into? A change in mindset.

Making it a priority was the missing piece. In the past, I’ve made every excuse to not take a bath:

  • There are things that have to be done; I don’t have time to sit in a tub!

  • I can just take a shower; it will save water and money.

  • I’m sure I’ll just get interrupted.

  • Now I’ll have to clean the dang thing out!

Well, not this time. I filled the tub, put in some bubble bath, grabbed my Air Pods, dimmed the lights, and made a proclamation, “I’m taking a bath! I need one hour. I will deal with anything else after that time.”

Jaws dropped, heads were scratched, and I closed the door. I even put a Do Not Disturb hanger on the knob (I have plenty of those if you need one!)

It was bliss. It was relaxing. It was important.

It was important because when we make ourselves a priority, draw a boundary and stick to it, it sends a strong message that, “I’m important.” Our mind, body, and spirit need replenishing from time to time. Whether it’s a bath, a bike ride, a walk, boundaries need to be set with those around you that you will make yourself a priority, and you need to follow through. I had not followed through and therefore there was an expectation that I would continue to carry on for everyone else.

But carry on until when? Until I’m exhausted, overwhelmed, sick or worse? That bath was important to me for selfcare and self-expression.

In doing some research, I found that there are also many significant benefits of taking a bath that are very important beyond the freedom to indulge in one.

  • Taking a bath and submerging yourself for at least 15 minutes helps reduce stress. In addition, it also calms our nervous system, which minimizes anxiety and stress. This is commonly known as hydrotherapy, a clinically tested method of treating people with health conditions. It’s why you’re secretly addicted to hot tubs.😊

  • Speaking of hot tubs, bathing is good for your joints, bones, and muscles. Because of the water’s mild resistance, you can easily strengthen your joints. Bathing also proves to be effective in fast recovery from injury.

  • It can also be very good for your heart. Bathing in warm water can relieve the stress felt by the heart. The heart beats faster when your body is submerged in warm water, so it serves as a healthy workout for your heart.

  • It can be especially good for toning your skin. Bathing helps achieve perfect and well-moisturized skin tone. Soaking in warm water is exceptionally beneficial, especially when you add some oils. It helps your skin absorb the required fluid and moisturizing agents.

  • For the ladies, it can help balance hormones! Bathing can help treat hormone imbalance, and the conditions associated with it.

  • When it comes to mood, bathing in warm water increases serotonin levels. This hormone keeps our brain calm and elevates our mood. As a result, we feel happy, and our hormonal system shows some positive signs as well. So, if you were stressed going into the bath, it’s safe to say you’ll be a bit more even keel upon leaving it.

  • Finally, you can benefit from improved immunity. Apart from improving blood flow, bathing also helps boost your immunity levels. Fresh and oxygenated blood can help your body create a better shield against bacteria and viruses. In addition, a warm bath also helps remove debris and bacteria from our bodies. This prevents common diseases like flu, diarrhea, and various skin conditions.

Maybe you need to get clean or maybe need a little sanity. You can never go wrong with a bath. But first, you have to prioritize the time for it, stand firm, and make it happen. If you become the bather that cried wolf, even you won’t take it seriously. So, make the proclamation and see it through. Take that bath and take care of you.

Thinking about taking that bath but can’t seem to make it a priority among other things?

Have you found unique ways to make yourself a priority? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Leave a comment, share this post, and have a wonderful, healthy week!

Take care and be well,


P.S. Go take a bath!

Pedicured feet in a soapy bath tub.
A soothing bath is one of the greatest forms of personal selfcare. But how often do we get to take one?


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